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Here you can find out more about Bonnie, who is she and what interests her. 

This is me.

Bonnie finds it important to maintain one's overall wellbeing. Other than music therapy, she is also passionate about music, education, psychology, fitness, nutrition and the power of healing, that is why Bonnie strives to garner the knowledge in these aspects. Not only is Bonnie a music therapist, she is also a...

Piano Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Honour) in Music Studies

English Tutor for children with special education needs

Over 5 years of experience

LCSD Approved Personal Trainer

Advanced Personal Trainer - Specialise in weight control

Professional Diploma in Fitness Instructor

Certified First Aider 

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance

While you are reading this, Bonnie is still taking up other professional trainings - stay tuned for more exciting updates!   


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